Thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time & effort to write about their experiences with us, regarding our Retreat Days, WellBeing Workshops & Holistic Treatments... We really appriecate your comments xx

From Our Retreats...

"What a fantastic experience ! Being within this incredible

setting, lunch on the beach was incredible!

The most amazing combination of meditation & peacefulness."  Amy London

"Fantastic experience with lovely people, beautiful venue.

Extremely well organised with every little detail given

so much thought. Food, drinks ect so very enjoyable.

Thank you, all of you who worked so hard"

                       Margaret Creeksea

"Thank you so much for a really beautiful relaxing day. I loved all of it- Meditation in pogoda to start,Yoga- fab & walking by the sea in the lovely sunshine, fantastic. BBQ delicious- loved the glass holders in the rocks. Loving kindness - gorgeous.

What can I say ?? Thankyou" N London

"Your warmth & thoughtfulness permeated the whole day, amidst a splendid Elizabethan style, surrounded by wild life, sea & sun.

Time keeping excellent. I feel a bit full, after eating truly admirable culinary R & S Essex

"The whole day has been amazing,the food was to die for

I  need the recipes Thankyou."  Sharon Essex

"An invigorating; relaxing; energising; enjoyable day.

Every thought has been put into this unforgettable day

of peace, yoga & meditation"  Sam London

"It was a very pleasant day,relaxing & the effort

put into it,is really mind blowing" Barbara London

"it was an absolutely fantastic spiritual day for me. There was nothing I didn't enjoy. The food was excellent, the sleep on the hilltop so refreshing & peaceful. We were blessed with the weather, will definitely recommend "  Pat Essex

"Beautiful setting, fantastic meditations. Every detail

thought out. Thanks for a lovely day."  Karen Essex

"Wonderful, tranquil, serene; an opportunity to escape from lifes chaos- thankyou for encouraging kindness to self. Great company & great food" Jane London

 "Loved food, whole programme,

the venue, an amazing day" 

Sandy London 

"Fabulous day thank you. Paced really well so you can get what you

want out of your day. Really good Value for money, amazing lunch !

The silent walk & walking mindfully in the orchard were really thoughtful touches to the day. The venue was lovely & the range of activities & refreshments could not be faulted Thankyou" Laura Essex

"So relaxing, fulfilling, calming. Loved the meditation in the fresh air by the river. Glorious day" Gill  Essex

"I have had an amazing day. I feel so good, relaxed & serene .Your attention to detail is fantastic. Thanks for an unbelievable day with wonderful food & drinks"  Lorraine  Essex

"I really enjoyed the yoga, the walk, the delicious food.

The lovely setting. I felt very looked after. Thank You very much " Sarah London

"I have loved the day in every way, I'm so pleased I came. Yoga was relaxing, the walk revitalising, meditation thought provoking & lunch & tea gorgeous" Karen Essex

"Wonderful time-fantastic food,lovely meditation.

Love the attention to detail "  Janice Essex

"I had a Blissful Day, Feeling Refreshed and Spiritually Braver !" Alicia London

"A little haven, felt very indulged & an opportunity to be me &

who I want to be. Thank you for your hard work"  Pat Essex

"Beautiful setting & company; delicious food- especially enjoyed the walk in the woods "  Joanna Essex