Holistic Personal Development...

With Maxine Glover...

Cultivate Contentment with

Yourself & Your Life...

Holistic Counselling

& Meditation


One Hour £ 65

Sometimes we need the support & guidance of a empathic & intuitive ear to help us understand ourselves & our lives better. Encouraging us to make the most helpful & healthly decisions for our

happiness & wellbeing... 

Maxine holds counselling, life coaching & pyschosynthesis certificates, along with energy & crystal healing. With over 28 years of Holistic Therapy experience she has & continues to develop her "Integrative WellBeing Therapy"


" A Unique Mind-Body-Spirit Integrative Therapy;

 A Two Hour Session can include:  

Life Coaching, Meditation, 

 Aromatherapy & Healing Energy Work "


 She combines her knowledge to produce an integrated, spiritually focused, holistic approach to personal growth, emotional & physical wellbeing...   


 Integrative WellBeing Therapy


Two Hours £135

A hidden gem in a busy world...

0208 539 0001

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