Online Well Being...

Meditation teaches us how to be more at peace within our minds, giving us space to Relax, Release & Rejuvenate. Overtime we realise we are more than the swirling contents of our thoughts. When we explore ourselves in this way we can let go of habitual patterns of thinking & behaviours that keep us stuck.

As we embrace & cultivate new ways of being & becoming

we feel clearer, calmer & more content...

One to One Therapeutic Support £65      Programme of Seven Sessions £390 (One Free)

Can Include Holistic Personal Growth & Development, Meditation & Energy Healing 

Cultivate Calm ...  Commit Yourself to Connecting
to Your Peaceful Place...



Monthly Meditation Therapy & Wellness  Group       £20 per person

Thursdays 7.30pm-9pm Join us for Mindfulness, Creative Meditations 

Therapeutic Discussion& Positive Healing Affirmations... 

All Levels Welcome    First Trial Session Half Price   Commitment of 3 Sessions Thereafter

Private Group Wellness prices start at £15 per person

Positive Holistic Support for your Staff, Colleagues or Friends 

Can Include Meditation, Yoga, Self Massage